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        Mould tapping

        Mould tapping

        M1.6xP0.20 three thread hole die at the same time tapping, the standard of the mold tapping to ensure the accuracy of teeth and yield.

        The influence of tapping on the flatness of parts can be adjusted in the following steps.

        In-mold tapping advantage

        1、Reduce process and improve automation
        In - mold tapping moves the part stamping and tapping simultaneously on the punch to improve the production efficiency.

        2、Save labor cost
        In - mold tapping machine combines tapping and stamping of parts into one working procedure.

        3、Reduce the defect rate

        In - mold tapping can avoid missing tapping, false tapping and accurate position, can significantly improve the product defect rate.

        4、To save energy

        After the combination of punching and tapping, the tapping machine is completely driven by machinery, thus saving the energy of the machine specially used for tapping.