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        Service Hotline:0755-2880-5058

        Quality Policy

        Quality Policy

        ISO 9001 first obtained date: apr 2005

        ISO 9001:2015 quality policy

        Based on standard management

        Continuous improvement as a means

        Take quality assurance as the core

        Customer satisfaction is the goal

        ISO 14001 first acquisition date: apr 2005

        ISO 14001:2015 environmental policy

        1. Investigate the factors affecting the earth's environment and human security, and evaluate and improve them. Set corresponding targets and indicators for improving the effect.

        2. Plan, implement, evaluate and improve repeatedly in order to achieve the goal.

        3. It is prohibited to use or contain harmful environmental chemicals.

        4. Abide by laws and regulations; Including legal directives to limit harmful chemicals.

        5. Improve the environmental protection awareness of all employees.

        6. Vigorously carry out 5S management activities to beautify the environment.

        7. Key activities to promote the project:

        (1) Clear separation of wastes;
        (2)Prohibition and administration of the use of harmful environmental chemicals;

        Energy saving, resource utilization and reuse.