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        Traditional manufacturing is becoming more and more difficult to do. Where are the new manufacturing opportunities for smes?
        Column:Company news Time:2018-11-05
        Manufacturers are finding it hard to do business. Where are the new manufacturing opportunities for smes?

        Manufacturers are finding it hard to do business. Where are the new manufacturing opportunities for smes? In fact, under the depressed environment, there are countless possibilities and opportunities, depending on whether you can seize them. In the hot industry 4.0 of recent years, maybe you can find the answer.

        It is often said that the industry 4.0 era, you can not grasp the era, missed the industry 4.0, will miss the era! However, this is not an alarmist statement. In the future, thanks to the support of national policies, industry 4.0 will become a trillion-plus market. Just like 17 years ago, jack ma saw the development prospect of consumer Internet and made alibaba what it is today.

        So where are the manufacturing opportunities in China in the context of industry 4.0?

        1、Grasp the intelligent manufacturing, intelligent production, into a smart factory

        Seized 4.0 at the core of the industry, and industrial core 4.0 is intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and it is a large production systems: the machines in the workshop as a smartphone, by updating the operating system to realize the functional upgrading, machinery, energy, raw materials, products, parts, all of the product management, production management and operation processes, research and development, production, management, marketing, employees, suppliers, vendors, and tens of thousands of customers at all levels, will form a new system, around the production system; And the products produced, through a big data calculation, has the help of the Internet, delivered to the hands of consumers; The entire large-scale business model will also change, and customization will be just like ordinary production. Consumers only need to customize products on the Internet, and will soon receive the products produced by the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will not increase the cost when producing. Therefore, we are required to upgrade the concept of intelligent factory.

        2、We will encourage innovation to drive industrial development

        Without innovation, Chinese manufacturing will eventually become copycat manufacturing. Without industrial innovation, old industries cannot follow the development of the economy and will inevitably be eliminated. This also requires us to strengthen innovation, from technological innovation to industrial innovation, to promote the development of the entire industry.

        3、Talent cultivation, people-oriented

        Talent is everything, Germany and Japan, why so strong industrial level, all depends on its technical talent, to experience numerous talents, China's manufacturing capacity is no problem temporarily, but is short on talent accumulation of reserves, so for our enterprise, it is to attract talent, retain talent, second is vigorously in enterprise personnel training, increase the reserves of talent.

        After transforming the consumer service industry, the Internet is slowly but surely coming to the industrial field. In the name of "industry 4.0", it has started the revolution of remanufacturing industry. In industry 4.0, do you know how to do that?

        The research results of the growth rules of private enterprises enable students to gain insight into the essence from the complicated management, grasp the essence of human nature, improve their leadership charm and ability to control the enterprise, and help the boss to lead the enterprise to successfully complete the transformation. Believe that you can find manufacturing opportunities, and the success of the rise.