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        How can smes transform and upgrade with the help of intelligent manufacturing?
        Column:Company news Time:2018-11-05
        Whether it is intelligent transformation or other types of transformation objectives, the purpose is to improve the survival and competitiveness of enterprises

        Whether it is intelligent transformation or other types of transformation objectives, the purpose is to improve the survival and competitiveness of enterprises, and the enterprise transformation is to better survive and develop in the new environment. According to xiaobian summary, only three steps can be taken to solve the problem of smes' transformation to intelligent manufacturing.

        Intelligent upgrade cost


        Small and medium-sized enterprises usually use their own capital in transformation and upgrading, but most of them are still in the era of industry 2.0 or 3.0. If they transform and upgrade to intelligent manufacturing all at once, it means that a large amount of capital investment is needed, and it is impossible for small and medium-sized enterprises to invest such a large amount of capital at one time. However, the transformation and upgrading are forced by the trend. Therefore, if the capital allows, the investment should be made in stages so as to gradually implement the transformation. In addition, after the implementation of relevant policies such as "Internet +" and "made in China 2025", the government's support for the intelligent transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises is gradually increasing. Therefore, large and medium-sized enterprises can learn about the support of local policies from different parties and obtain relevant subsidies to help enterprises to achieve rapid transformation. Smart manufacturing is definitely the trend of The Times, small and medium-sized enterprises stand in the wind, success, will sail, failure, failure, so before the transformation, please do a good job in risk assessment and future planning.

          Technical risk

          At present most of the small and medium-sized enterprises generally informatization, automation foundation is weak, at this stage to provide a more intelligent manufacturing transition services for software or hardware, transformation and upgrading of the scheme is more focusing on the latest product and enterprise business integration, so in this process, small and medium-sized enterprises more passive to accept the position. Therefore, small and medium-sized intelligent manufacturing enterprises should start from the aspects of innovation environment, incentive mechanism and external conditions, strengthen the management system, introduce high-quality resources, attract innovative talents, and gradually establish a perfect technological innovation system to promote the comprehensive development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

          Intelligent manufacturing talent gap

          In China's demographic dividend today, all walks of life are faced with the problem of recruitment, intelligent manufacturing enterprises employment problems, it may be said that it is difficult to add difficult. However, talent is the pain point of enterprise transformation, talent training should be placed in an important position, "the pain point of transformation depends on people to solve" intelligent enterprises need the close cooperation of management, technology and other aspects of talent to smooth operation, the feasible solution lies in internal training rather than external recruitment.

          Enterprise transformation is for better survival and development

          After the release of the "Internet plus" action plan in 2015, we talked about the transformation of enterprises, including enterprise informatization, internal and external connections, and the forced transformation of enterprise sales channels. That is because, at that time, there was no template for intelligent manufacturing, and most traditional enterprises had not yet found a suitable path for upgrading and transformation. But now, many enterprises like haier, XCMG and sany have completed the upgrading process through their own research and development and cooperation with Internet enterprises, and directly entered the initial stage of intelligent manufacturing, which has become the goal of the transformation of China's manufacturing industry.

          In fact, whether it is intelligent transformation, or your enterprise has other types of transformation goals, the purpose is to improve the competitiveness of the survival of enterprises. The reason for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, in a word, is to make more money, because only abundant cash flow, it is possible to achieve a variety of strategic planning and industrial layout. However, the depreciation of RMB, the increase of labor costs, the rise of raw materials, the increase of marketing costs and the decline of prices caused by the entry of mature products make the profits of enterprises smaller and smaller.

          Therefore, enterprises have to use various ways to reduce costs, improve profits, improve production efficiency, reduce the cost of labor, storage, marketing and other more operational links, is the enterprise lifelong pursuit. To achieve these, enterprises need to enter the field of more profits, enterprises need to upgrade the business model, mode of operation and production and circulation equipment, with all possible means to reduce costs, which is the so-called enterprise transformation and upgrading. It can be seen that enterprise transformation is not a stunt, nor is it to follow the trend and follow the fashion, but to better survive and develop in the new environment.